Pretension Loads




Specify pretension loads for Truss elements or tension-only elements (hook & cable).  Or, modify or delete previously specified loads.

This load cannot be used for performing analysis with materials having nonlinear properties.




From the Main Menu select Load >  Temp/Prestress > Pretension Loads.



Load Case Name

Assign the load case name. Click to the right to enter, additional load cases and modify or delete existing load cases.


Load Group Name

Select the desire Load Group that will include the entered Pretension Loads data. Select "Default", if a Group assignment is unnecessary. Click to the right to add, modify or delete Load Groups.



Add: To enter new or additional pretension loads

Replace: To replace previously entered pretension loads

Delete: To delete previously entered pretension loads


Pretension Load

Enter positive (tension) or negative (compression) pretension load.

If Pretension Loads are unspecified in Cable Elements, midas Civil calculates the initial stresses using the weight density and the cable geometry.