Design Parameters




midas Civil provides the following two types of design check.

  • Composite Steel Plate Girder Design

  • Composite General Section Design

The Composite Steel Plate Girders are the ones which are defined using the section database ( Composite Section Tab) of midas Civil. The supported sections are:

1. Steel I composite section
2. Steel-Tub and Steel-Box

The Composite General Section is the one modeled in Section Property Calculator ( Tools -> Section Property Calculator ). [For More Details]

Available codes:

EN1994-2:2005, AASHTO-LRFD17/16/12/07, CSA-S6-14, IRC:22-2015/2008, SNiP2.05.03-84*, SP35.13330.2011




From the Main Menu select Design > Composite Design > Design Parameter




If EN 1994-2 is selected

If AASHTO-LRFD17 is selected 

If AASHTO-LRFD16 is selected

If CSA-S6-14 is selected