Modify Steel Material




Use this function to modify a part of the steel material property data entered during the creation of the analysis model or to change the entered material property data pertaining to specific design requirements.




From the Main Menu select Design > Design > Steel Design > Modify Steel Material.






Use the following dialog box to enter the data (refer to Note 1):



Material List


Display the material properties of steel entered during the creation of the analysis model. Select the material to be modified or changed with the mouse.



Steel Material Selection


Display the selected material so that the property data can be modified or changed.


The material property data can be changed by using the material property database in the program or by directly entering the changed data.


Method for using material property database
Select the material name and the code in which the relevant material is defined, with the mouse.


Direct entry by the user
Select 'None' in the Code field and enter the name of the material in the Name field. Once these entries are made, all the material property data fields are activated for data entry (refer to
Note 2).


Modulus of Elasticity (Es): Modulus of elasticity of steel


Poisson's Ratio (Ps): Poisson's ratio of steel


Tensile Strength (Fu): Tensile strength of steel


Yield Strength (Fy)

Yield strength of members with thicknesses thinner than 40mm (refer to Note 3)


Yield Strength [t > 40mm] (Fy2)

Yield strength for which the thickness of the members in use is thicker than 40mm (refer to Note 3)


 : Modify the relevant material property data by replacing with the values entered by the user.


 : Do not enter the values or the selection and close the dialog box.



Note 1
When the Name, Es, Ws, Fy1 and Fy2 are not entered in the analysis model, the following data are applied by default :


Name = A36

Es = 4.176+E9 lb/ft2 (29,000 ksi)

Ws = 490 lb/ft3

Fy1 = 250 lb/ft2 (36 ksi)

Fy2 = 250 lb/ft2 (36 ksi)


Note 2
The steel material standards are classified into None, ASTM(S),CSA(s), BS(S), DIN(S), EN(S), JIS(S), GB(S), JGJ(S), KS(S), KS-Civil(S).


Note 3
The Fy-a, Fy-b, Fy-c and Fy-d values below represent the steel yield strengths and are used to calculate the allowable stress (design strength) for each stress component (compression, tension, bending and shear) during the strength verification. The maximum thickness of a member determines the application of Fy-a, Fy-b, Fy-c and Fy-d for the calculation of the allowable stress (design stress). The heading, Fy-a, Fy-b, Fy-c and Fy-d (simply expanded to demonstrate the variation) listed below do not necessarily correspond to the heading in the dialog box.


(1) ASTM(S)

(2) CSA(S)

(3) BS(S)

(4) DIN(S)

(5) EN(S)

(6) EN05(S)

(7) BC1:12-ASTM/BS/JIS/GB(S)

(8) JIS(S)

(9) GB(S)



(12) KS(S)

(13) KS-Civil(S)


Note 4
When 'None' is specified in the Code entry field, design can be performed by using the user defined material properties.