General Section Design



General Section Designer is a tool that calculates the section properties, interaction curves, moment curvatures, and stress distribution of a general shape of section.


Scope of GSD:

  • Definition of any  irregular cross-section.

  • Calculation of Section properties

  • Generation of P-M, P-My-Mz, M-M interaction curves

  • Calculation of Section Capacity (in flexure) and Safety Ratio based on member forces.

  • Generation of Moment-Curvature curve.

  • Plot of Stress contours  for all the cross-sections.

All the above features are supported for: RC sections, Steel sections and Composite sections.




From the Main Menu select Tools > General Section Designer.




New for Civil 2011

midas GSD window

midas GSD window


midas GSD Work Procedure

Please refer to the GSD online help for more details: Go to the GSD online help